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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Environmental Geochemistry Group - Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

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Lectures in the Master Program Environmental Chemistry

In the international Master Environmental Chemistry the following Environmental Geochemistry module is obligatory for everyone in their 1st semester:

  • C1 Geochemical Modeling (4 hours per week tutorial)

We are also engaged with our own topics in the symposium "Global Challenges".

In the 2nd semester two Environmental Geochemistry modules can be selected:

  • C2 Analytical Chemistry and Inorganic Pollutants consisting of the following parts
    • Introduction to Environmental Analytical Chemistry (2 hours per week lecture)
    • Inorganic Pollutants and Nutrients (2 hours per week lecture)
  • C3 Mass Spectrometry
    • Basics in Mass Spectrometry (2 hours per week seminar)
    • Application of Mass Spectrometry in Trace Element Analysis (2 hours per week tutorial)

If you want to specialize in Environmental Geochemistry, you can do the research Module M2 with us. Topic and timing will be arranged individually.

In the 3rd semester two Environmental Geochemistry modules can be selected:

  • C4 Environmental Toxicology, Health, and Forensics consisting of the following parts
    • Environmental Toxicology and Health (2 hours per week lecture)
    • Environmnetal Forensics (2 hours per week seminar)
  • C5 Environmental Challenges and Remediation in Germany (2 hours per week seminar, 10-12 days field trip)

If you choose to do your master thesis with us, you will design your research plan in our work group (module M3). You will get instructions and feedback, among others in our group seminar.

During the master thesis in the 4th semesters participitation in our group seminars will keep you updated on the most recent advances in Environmental Geochemistry research and you will practice your own presentations and how to give and receive feedback. 


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