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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Environmental Geochemistry Group - Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

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PhD theses

Johannes Besold Effect of sulfur for sorption of As, Sb, and Cu to natural organic matter more...
Jiajia Wang Effect of sulfur on arsenic speciation in paddy soils and rice grains
Annkathrin Hömberg Is higher silicon availability increasing the mineralization of organic matter in fen peatlands?
Alan Nicol Mechanisms of thioarsenate formation and transformation in paddy soils
Carolin Kerl Uptake, transformation, and translocation of inorganic and methylated thioarsenates in rice plants
Judith Mehlhorn (2018)Characterization of binding mechanisms and mobility of metals and metalloids under the influence of increased carbon dioxide in mofette soils
Maria Ullrich (2017)Preservation and analysis of sulfur isotopes in thioarsenates: New methods for the investigation of abiotic and biotic transformation processes more...
Julia Arndt (2017)Evaluation of active and passive sampling techniques for determination of total volatile arsenic and its speciation in volcanic gases and biogases more...
Cornelia Härtig (2017)Microbially catalyzed reactions of arsenic and sulfur in extreme environments

Emmy Noether DFG Stelle (Promotion nicht beendet) more...
Sinikka Hinrichsen (2015)Effects of sulfur complexation on intestinal transport and toxicity of metalloids in cell cultures more...
Regina Lohmayer (2015)Importance of sulfide, polysulfides, and elemental sulfur in pure sulfur and sulfur-metal(loid) systems more...
Wondem Gezahegne (2013)TRLFS and EXAFS Investigations and Characterisations of the Interactions of Uranium(VI) with Arsenate in aqueous Solutions

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Elke Süß (2011)Investigations towards a better understanding of arsenic-sulfur speciation in aquatic environments: Formation, stability, structural characterization, and conflicting analyses

Stipendiatin der Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes more...
Samer Bachmaf (2010)Uranium Sorption on Clay Minerals: Laboratory Experiments and Surface Complexation Modeling

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