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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Environmental Geochemistry Group - Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

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Research Moduls

Aleksandra Shmeleva (2019)Thiomolybdate sorption on clay minerals
Philipp Knobloch (2019)Method development for Vanadium speciation by IC-ICP-MS (1 or 2 students) more...
Nathalia Paola Ceron Espejo (2019)Determination of arsenic speciation in rice from Costa Rica
Eva Voggenreiter (2019)Sequential extractions to help to understand the impact of nickel binding for methane release from paddy soils
Shubhi Aurora (2019)Sorption of methylated thioarsenates to iron plaque
Jonas Schneider (2018)Antimony-sulfur-iron interactions during microbial sulfidogenesis in contaminated soil
Aya Bouallegue (2018)Dimethylarsenate in rice more...
José Miguel Leon (2018)Ni limitations on methanogenesis in paddy soils
Andrea Colina Blanco (2018)Uptake, tolerance, and toxicity of methylthiolated arsenates in rice more...
Harold Suaznabar (2018)Synthesis of methylthioarsenates more...
Kai Jansen (2018)Sequential extraction of mofette soil to determine element (im)mobilisation under CO2 influence more...
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