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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Environmental Geochemistry Group - Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

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Completed Projects


  • BMBF Bioeconomy International 2017: Challenges and chances associated with the detection of novel arsenic species in paddy soils for producing arsenic-safe rice
    Alan Nicol, Britta Planer-Friedrich, Stephan Clemens [Details]


  • DFG The influence of thioarsenic species formation on arsenic complexation to natural organic matter
    Ashis Biswas, Johannes Besold, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Resolving the biogeochemical interactions between antimony, sulfur and iron in wetland sediments and soils (Outstanding Female Scholars at Bayreuth University)
    Kerstin Hockmann, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Role of thiomolybdates for isotope fractionation during Mo burial in sulfidic environments (Philipp Schwartz Fellowship for Samer Bachmaf)
    Samer Bachmaf, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Competitive sorption of thioarsenates to natural organic matter versus iron mineral phases with special focus on reaction kinetics in sulfidic environments
    Johannes Besold, Carolin Kerl, Judith Forberg, Anne Eberle, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • The relevance of volatile arsenic emissions from volcanic areas
    Julia Arndt, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Investigations on the effects of thioarsenate formation on reducing As retention potential of peatlands in Finnland used for mine water treatment
    Johannes Besold, Anne Eberle, Constantin Heitzer, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Interaction of thiolated arsenic species with natural organic matter: Implications for arsenic mobility in reducing environments
    Ashis Biswas, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Influence of substrate on stability and efficiency of microbial processes in bio gas plants
    Samer Bachmaf, Julia Arndt, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • The role of intermediate sulfur species (ISS) for isotopic fractionation processes during abiotic and chemolithoautotrophic sulfide oxidation in a natural environment
    Maria Ullrich, Valentina Misiari, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Arsenic and Cadmium accumulation in red and black rice
    Carolin Kerl, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Importance of metal(loid)s in bio gas plants
    Julia Arndt, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Is the high concentration of toxic arsenic in Red Rice of the Camargue linked to the generally positive fact that it has high concentrations of antioxidants?
    Jörg Schaller, Carolin Kerl, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Fractionation of 33S/36S during sulfide oxidation
    Maria Ullrich, Julia Arndt, Carolin Kerl, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Emmy Noether Nachwuchsgruppe Hydrogeochemical speciation of arsenic, gold, and copper in ferrous sulfidic environments considering abiotic and microbially catalyzed interactions
    Cornelia Härtig, Elke Süß, Julia Arndt, Jasmine Horter, Sasan Rabieh, Michael Burkard, Sinikka Hinrichsen, Regina Lohmayer, Benedikt Werner, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Arsenic speciation at freshwater/saltwater and anoxic/oxic interfaces, Croatia
    Regina Lohmayer, Gloria Reithmaier, Carolin Kerl, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Identification of polysulfides and their importance as intermediate sulfur species for electron transfers processes in anoxic aquifers
    Sophie Fortenfant, Baktiyor Normatov, Regina Lohmayer, Britta Planer-Friedrich, Andreas Kappler [Details]


  • Arsenic and Fluoride in the semiarid Chaco region, Argentina
    Benedikt Werner, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Erfassung tageszeitlich variierender As-und Sb-Mobilisierung am Champagne Pool, Neuseeland
    Regina Lohmayer, Maria Ullrich, Judith Forberg, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Speziierung volatiler Metalle in vulkanischen Gasen am Mt. Etna, Italien
    Benedikt Ehrenfels, Kathrin Struller, Julia Arndt, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • The role of sulfur in a primordial arsenic biochemical pathway - Mono Lake
    Cornelia Härtig, Regina Lohmayer, Linda Schneider, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Arsenic species transformation in a short food chain at Mono Lake
    Monique Weise, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • Microbial catalyzed formation of thioarsenic species in sulfidic systems
    Cornelia Härtig, Britta Planer-Friedrich, Elke Süß [Details]


  • Linking hydrogeochemical and microbial processes in the arsenic-sulfur redox chemistry of alkaline geothermal springs of Yellowstone National Park
    Cornelia Härtig, Ulli Seifert, Sebastian Schmitt, Rita Schubert, Regina Lohmayer, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

  • The behaviour and distribution of thio-antimony species in surface geothermal environments and the role of bacteria in geothermal antimony speciation
    Nathaniel Wilson, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Fördermittel für neuberufene Professorinnen
    Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Arsenic-sulfur speciation – a potential key to understanding arsenic accumulation and mobilisation in sulfidic aquifers of Bangladesh
    Cornelia Härtig, Heidi Lißner, Jörg Steinborn, Elke Süß, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Aerial Mapping Yellowstone NP, USA
    Juliane Becker, Baas Brimer, Sabrina Scharf, Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]


  • Voltammetric Arsenic Speciation
    Britta Planer-Friedrich [Details]

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