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Umweltgeochemie - Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

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Angebotene Masterarbeit

Testing the capabilities of single-particle ICP-MS analysis for detecting As, Fe, S, Cu, Pb, etc. nanoparticles in wetlands

Betreuer: Britta Planer-Friedrich

Intensive literature review on sp-ICP-MS technique, „play around“ with old/new instrument to test capabilities of detecting nanoparticles of different elements (detection limits, size separation, etc.), tests with laboratory batch incubations of peat (different dilution series, etc.) and field sampling in a wetland in the Fichtelgebirge at different times, e.g. after storm flow events (maybe also Gola di Lago, Switzerland); potential exchange with Vienna University, Austria for further analyses on field flow fractionation (FFF-)ICP-MS

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