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Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften

Umweltgeochemie - Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

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Sophie Fortenfant: Curriculum Vitae

Ph'D Dregree at the University of Bayreuth - Bayerisches Geoinstitut - under the supervisions of Prof. D.B. Dingwell and Prof. D. C. Rubie
Ph'D title: "Experimental study on the partitioning behavior of thr siderophile elements (Ni, Mo, W, Pt, Rh, Re and Os) and geochemical relevance"

Ph'D student at the University of Orleans - Geological Department - under the supervision of J. Roux.

DEA of Analytical Chemistry
DEA practical: Investigation of the optimal physico-chemical conditions of the electrodeposition of actinides in presence of boron and calcium.

Maitrise of Chemistry - options: Analytical Chemistry and Environment
Maitrise practical: Validation and optimisation of a water decontamination process by electrodeposition for zinc and Cupfer.

Licence of Chemistry

European Highschool of Industrial Chemistry of Strasbourg (EHICS)
Highschool practicals:
    - Quality control of the secondary water at the nuclear power plant of Dampierre (Analytical laboratory)
    - Qualitative and quantitative analysis of a slag - Analytical laboratory of the EHICS

Math Sup and Math Spe P (Highschool intensive preparatory courses)

Baccalaureat C (Sciences)



  • prize for poster presentation at the Silicate Melt Workshop, 13.-17.04.1999, Saline Royal, Arc et Senans, France
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