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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Environmental Geochemistry Group - Prof. Dr. Britta Planer-Friedrich

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Agenda "BayCEER Colloquium"

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Past Agenda "BayCEER Colloquium"

Th. 2018-01-25 (12:00-13:30)BayCEER Colloquium: BayCEER Mitgliederversammlung
Th. 2017-11-16 (12:00-13:30)BayCEER Colloquium: POSTPONED (Microbial community patterns in technical biogas plants and their response to changes in the process parameters) [Details]
Th. 2011-02-10 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Das geoökologische Projekt Donana-Nationalpark (Spanien) [Details]
Th. 2011-02-03 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: On the rise (and the fall) of the ecosystem service concept [Details]
Th. 2011-01-27 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Hydrological processes revealed by high-frequency chemical dynamics spanning the periodic table [Details]
Th. 2010-12-09 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Farbpräferenzen von blütenbesuchenden Bienen und Schwebfliegen [Details]
Th. 2010-11-25 (15:45-17:00)BayCEER Colloquium: Sulfate-reducing microorganisms in low-sulfate peatlands: overlooked key players in the interwined biogeochemical cycles of peat soils? [Details]
Th. 2010-11-18 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Impact of microbial activity on arsenic reduction, mobilization and sequestration at the mineral-solution interface [Details]
Th. 2010-11-04 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Pollen-based reconstructions of the late Quaternary vegetation and climate: Numerical approaches and case studies from northern Asia [Details]
Th. 2010-10-28 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Chemie und Literatur: Ein Abwasserprozess im Roman "Pfisters Mühle" von Wilhelm Raabe [Details]
Th. 2010-02-04 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER Colloquium: Produzieren Pflanzen tatsächlich Methan? [Details]
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